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Androgel (Testosterone gel)

Androgel (Testosterone gel)Package: 30 Packs of gel x 50 mg. Total 1500mg

Usage: Topical

If bodybuilders that apply Androgel make exercises that involve large muscles, they reach obvious results related to increase of muscle mass.

Produced by: Solvay Pharm S.A.S. (France)

Price:  $199.00Buy Steroid Androgel (Testosterone gel) Online. Add cart

Androgel (Testosterone Gel), Buy Androgel Online

Brand name: Androgel.
Generic Name: Testosterone Gel.
Active ingredient: Testosterone.

Androgel - hormone replacement product for men suffering from hypogonadism.
Testosterone is a hormone produced in the corpse. Inside an mature man it helps preserve:

- Sex Drive and sexual function;
- Weight increase and potency;
- Feel and weight intensities;
- Bone energy;
- Other.

Androgel (Testosterone Gel) is a daily testosterone substitution rehabilitation which is capable to bring your T stages back to usual and keep up them there. And immediately you get back the T you ve been missing, you could experience durable sign relief.

Androgel (Testosterone Gel) should not be administrated by men with bosom cancer. Moreover Androgel (Testosterone Gel) must not be used by men which have or may have prostate cancer. Moreover, Androgel (Testosterone Gel) should not be used by pregnant women, individuals who can become pregnant, or individuals which are breastfeeding, because testosterone might cause harm to the unborn or breastfeeding kid. Patients have not administrate Androgel (Testosterone Gel) in case they are sensitive to any of the components in Androgel (Testosterone Gel), as well as soy. Androgel (Testosterone Gel) is not approved for utilize by women.

How should I use Androgel (Testosterone Gel)?
Apply Androgel (Testosterone Gel) right as it was given for you. Do not use the medicine in larger amounts, or use it for longer than suggested by your doctor. Follow the information on your prescriptional sticker.

Androgel (Testosterone Gel) comes with instruction for not dangerous and successful use. Chase these way with attention.

Mainly regular negative effects related to applying of Androgel (Testosterone Gel) are spots, skin annoyance in area where the gel is used, increased cholesterol grades, boost up prostate specifically antigen, increased red blood chamber count, and boost up liver position tests.

Androgel (Testosterone Gel) is permitted for substitute cure in mature males for conditions linked with low or absent testosterone in the corpse.

Prior applying Androgel (Testosterone Gel):
Do not use Androgel (Testosterone Gel) if you are allergic to testosterone pathces or gel, or if you have prostate cancer or men breast tumor.

If you have positive forms, you might have to an amount modification or individual tests to safely taking of Androgel (Testosterone Gel).

Previous applying this drug ask your physician if you have:
- Diabetes;
- Sleep apnea or chronic breathing difficulties;
- Liver disease or kidney difficulties;
- Obesity.

FDA pregnancy category X
Androgel (Testosterone Gel) must not be taken by a woman.
Testosterone is able to be a source of birth faults in an unborn baby. A woman heavy with child must stay away from coming into the touch with Androgel (Testosterone Gel), otherwise with man s body zones where the gel has been administrated. In case the contact does occur, wash with soap and water immediately.

Older males which apply Androgel (Testosterone Gel) could have an increased danger of prostate extension or tumor.

In case you are over 65 years old, talk with your doctor on your detailed danger. Do not take this on a boy younger than 15 years old.

Using Testosterone even as pregnant could be origin of destruction to the fetus. It is not known if Testosterone is originate in breast milk. Testosterone may not be applied by women.
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